was brought to life in December of the magical year of 2012 by a fashion designer Dijana S.

Art, design and the desire to create captured her soul from the very start, when she began
expressing her talent ,so she decided to educate and build her skills more by applying to the High School of Design. Her interest in fashion and arts grew intensely and following her passion took her even further, by getting degree in fashion design at the Collage of Design, Technology & Management – DTM

As Dijana was fascinated by details, as well as couture garments she begin to further her knowledge by teaching herself and exploring the world of jewelry making . Where she formed her own distinguished style of couture jewelry called – No Ordinary Jewelry

From this DeeravishinG was born with….

to fulfill a grand vision of DeeravishinG dream while revealing a new fire of

unique,handmade jewelry expression of sophisticated couture style.

Dee Idea was presented to the public with the desire to shake it up with an artistic approach to fine details ,escaping the mass produced fashion. With awakening of a new luminous flair of timeless art pieces that have a soul of their own, DeeravishinG creates a powerful ,original design where each piece tells an enchanted story of……

…Dee Inspiration

steams from expanding new horizons of jewelry making with a refine taste for innovative forms of art,in which diverse epochs are expressed in a modern light. The main essence of Ravishing style is seen through the eye of the artist, who captures an eternal dance of sparkling magic, reminiscent of glamour from the past joined with life that blooms before us. Taking us to….

she is a woman who breaks the mold , who understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. So beautifully brilliant and wholesome that she is simply not like any other woman on earth and therefore possesses some sort of uncommon spiritual element that while cannot be solidly define it’s clearly present.

A woman whose great charm or extraordinary beauty grace and appeal arouses great adoration. She shines a true light on others, and rises above the illusions.She is focused and self aware, filled with peace ,love, joy ,passion and fun.

The one that is all she wants to be

She is You

She is All of Us

She is Dee Goddess

A brave soul is one who can create magic and make you feel it ,and that is what we believe at Dee Palace .

The process of creating of No Ordinary Jewelry starts by visualizing and dreaming of the next best thing . By sketching the perfect design a masterpiece is awaken. A delicate yet original style led us to numerous beautiful collaborations with Illustrious names in fashion industry , as well as celebrities and ravishing souls that fell in love with the…..

Those secret ingredients makes us so unforgettable and worthy of attention. We are constantly on a mission to bring the best quality crystals that can prolong the life of our designs and bring satisfaction to our loyal clients.

Our jewelry is made with the help of magic, love and high quality glass crystals with deep cut, Cubic Zirconia and Swarovski crystals . The metal base is made from stainless steel alloy and can be gold or silver plated. All metal components are nickel free. Together these materials form a unique crystallized design of Dee Ravishing palace.

Her Majesty Dee Cubic Zirconia (CZ) – man-made diamond substitute

To the naked untrained eye it looks just like a diamond because it ravishingly omits a fairly similar fire & sparkle to a real diamond when held up to the light.

On Mohs Scale of hardness a genuine diamond is a 10 while CZ is a 8.5-9 , slightly harder than most semi-precious gems. Its refractive index is high at 2.15-2.18 (compared to 2.42 for diamond) and its luster is adamantine, its dispersion is very high ar 0.058-0.066, exceeding that of diamond 0.044 which tells enough about it’s brilliance.

When compared to swarovski CZ is more durable and can be cut with more facets offering a better light refraction than swarovski crystals giving us Sparkle we Love


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