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Care instructions 

DeeravishinG creations are delicate products that need Special Care & Attention .

In order to enjoy their original Brilliance and keep them on the highest level of Ravishnessss we invite you to carefully read the section bellow.


It’s important to place jewelry on after you have applied perfumes, powder, hairspray or other cosmetic products. Any contact with such substances may cause damage to

So please , kindly put your ravishing jewelry on dry skin.

Keep it away from wather, harsh chemicals,sharp objects,sunlight & extreme temperature……Don’t wear them in the sauna, swimming pool or during any kind of sports or when you wash your hands.

All of those can cause dullness in appearance of  & may affect the plating.

To keep that extra shine we advise you to polish them carefully with a dry, soft jewelry cleaning cloth after each wear to remove oils or impurity of any kind.

After this you’ll keep them looking brand new.

Store them separately in a dry place, preferably in a flat position to avoid tumbling & scratching of any kind.

Dee Ravishing is not responsible for carelless wear or storage of pieces

Make sure to treasure your treasure


it will Shine Enchantingly in return